Faces Of Pet Abuse

As much as people are fond of keeping pets, inhumane actions are often reported from across the globe. Pets serve as man’s joy and relief, their furry, cozy, crawling, exotic, terrific, and enriching existence bring a few moments of joy to people’s monotonous, tedious lives.

If pet owners eagerly keep pets it should be particularly clear that they fully take the charge and responsibility of their pets because animals too feel pain as human beings do.

Reports of pet abuse from all over the world shows what humans are oblivious of. There are millions of dead animals that have been found in various city corners. People out of some odd reasons and frustration tend to kill their pets and then to avoid getting caught they go and throw them near drums etc. It gives a grotesque picture of inhumanity and inconsideration.

The illiterate and uneducated people often tend to find ways of earning easy money and these are the people who make their dogs get in to fights. They train them by electrocuting them and burning their skins. When they are trained according them they are proud to win money when their dogs end up being horribly injured during fierce dog fights. Then they pat and love them which are more of an irony in the name of pet love.

There are celebrities who are known to wear fur of pet animals. Giving pets as gifts is a trend these days, just wrapped up like a commodity and presented to people without stopping to consider animals are not products.

There are people who keep horses and donkeys for carriages they too are like pets but these people beat their horses and donkeys and push them to carry extra loads without feeding them properly. They die of malnutrition and in some cases they even die of getting severely beaten up. There are vets in this world that treat sick pets with outdated medicines and they end up dead.

Some pets turn wild and hysterical because their owners treat them wildly. They would beat them, keep them chained, give them stale food and make them irritable. These kinds of pets resolve to biting and screaming to let out their feelings. Pets are found locked up in trunks, locked up in attics and forgotten till they are starved to death.

Some drug addicts drug their pets out of spite and watch their reactions as a vulgar means of entertainment. These and a million more faces of human vindictiveness, inconsideration, brutality and viciousness are widely observed yet not taken care of. Such pet abusers fail to realize that animals too are as flesh and blood as themselves.