What Are Zhu Zhu Pets – Animated Hamsters and Why Are Kids So Crazy About Them?

If your kids haven’t said this to you yet, they will soon: “I want a Zhu Zhu Pet!”

Zhu Zhu Pets, if you don’t already know, are plush little animatronic hamsters, and they are hot.

They are fast turning into the next Cabbage Patch / Elmo toy craze.

Not just dumbly animated, Zhu Zhu Pets (originally called Go Go Pets), are bestowed with artificial intelligence chips.

This allows two different modes in which to operate: Explore and Loving.

In Explore mode, the hamsters scoot around on modular tracks, stopping off at various rooms in their Funhouse.

In the bathroom, they can brush their teeth. They even make flushing sounds.

In Loving mode, they like to snuggle. So basically, they’re great for boys or girls.

There are four different Zhu Zhu Pets each with its own ‘personality’.

Mr. Squiggles is the lead Pet. He goes all over the place in Explore mode. He makes it known that he doesn’t like his name mispronounced.

Pipsqueek his female companion, is a beautiful yellow color. She will likely be your daughter’s favorite.

Chunk, a white boy hamster, likes sun and surf. He’s pretty mellow and calm.

Num Nums is a gray female who, as you might tell from her name, has quite an appetite.

The hamsters have available a number of Funhouse accessories and track sections connecting them. Also available are beds with matching blankets, that double as Zhu Zhu Pet carriers.

There is a good reason why your kids probably already love them.

They do so many things, you’ll wonder why people got all worked up over Talking Elmo.